Rules & Procedures


  1. The batter steps to the plate with a count of 1 ball and 1 strike. There are no courtesy fouls.
  2. There is a 12 run rule in effect. The losing team must bat at least 5 times. The sudden death rule applies as well. There is no run rule in the playoffs for the final round only.
  3. There is also a 20 run rule in effect as well. The losing team must bat at least 3 times. The sudden death rule applies as well.
  4. This league follows the ASA rule for re-entry.
  5. A team needs at least 9 players to start a game.
  6. On “fenced fields” – A team is limited to 4 home runs (per game) over the fence. All fair balls over the fence after the limit is reached will be treated as an out.
  7. An EH (Extra Hitter) is allowed. A team can bat as many EH’s as it wants as long as the batting order remains in effect, The EH is treated the same as any other player in the lineup; therefore, he is eligible to play in the field later in the game. After the first batter in the lineup comes up a second time, you may not add any EH’s.
  8. Please note: No DH’s are allowed.
  9. Courtesy runners may be used at the discretion/approval of the other team. This should be covered in the ground rules.
  10. Each team should supply one new ball and one good used ball to the umpire for the game in which they are the home team.
  11. To avoid problems, each team should carry a set of rules with them to each game. For rules not covered above, the ASA rules apply.

  • In order to determine if a game will be cancelled due to rain etc. it is best to call the park directly. Only managers should use the park telephone number. This way we can keep calls to a minimal and the lines won’t be continuously busy. 
  • If you go to a game that has not been cancelled but the field is unplayable, you must abide by the decision of the umpire or park personnel.
  • All rainouts should be reported to the league, so we can do our best to plan rescheduled dates. Remember, the league gives no guarantee on the amount of games to be played in a season; however, we have been very successful in the past in rescheduling rainout games.
It is the responsibility of the team manager to report the results of the games to the league administrator. It is especially important to call the league when a game is cancelled. This way, we will have enough time to plan for field availability for rescheduled games.

  • All rosters must be submitted prior to the start of the season. The maximum number of players on a roster is 20. Teams have until June 30 to make changes to their roster.
  • During the playoffs all managers may be provided with the opposing team’s roster. Accordingly, a manager may inquire about any player he believes is not on the roster. Therefore, all players need to carry ID with them to prove they are a legitimate roster player.

Each team should supply one new ball and one good used ball to the umpire for the game in which they are the home team. Each team will be supplied with enough softballs to last the season. If softballs are lost or used up earlier, it is the team’s responsibility to purchase additional balls (either through the league or on their own). However, these softballs must the same official ball that was provided to you by the league.

Our league uses the Nassau County ASA Umpire Association to officiate its games. The team manager is responsible for paying the umpire prior to the start of the games.

Please do not call the league to reschedule any games. The limited availability of fields makes it very difficult, if not impossible, to reschedule games. It is difficult enough for us to reschedule your rained out games, so please do not try to complicate this matter further. Furthermore, you are allowed to carry a roster of 20 players, which should also help you field a team for all games.

The team manger should see to it that his players have matching shirts.

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